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Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Center

No two people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are alike. At Elevation Behavioral Health, we focus on getting to know you as a whole person. We want to know how your experiences have shaped you, impact your mental health, and affect your life overall. Our staff will help you explore and set personal goals. Then, you’ll work to meet those goals through the unique, high-end program at our luxury mental health treatment center in California. 

So, what should you know? This page will go over how our residential borderline personality disorder treatment center can help you heal, grow, and get to where you want to be. Let’s start by talking about our approach to treatment. Then, we’ll discuss some of our center’s special features and understanding BPD as a mental health condition. 


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Residential Treatment Center for Borderline Personality Disorder: How a Full Continuum of Care Can Help

Elevation Behavioral Health takes a special 90-day approach to treatment. It takes time to change neural pathways in the brain and establish new, healthier thinking patterns through therapy. We structure our mental health programs the way that we do to ensure that we’re here for you every step of the way, in accordance with research that supports the best treatment outcomes. 


Clients stay at our residential treatment center for borderline personality disorder and other mental health concerns first. After that, we’ll help you transition into life outside of residential treatment through our outpatient program. 

While in the residential inpatient program for BPD at Elevation Behavioral Health, you’ll have a structured daily schedule of therapy and other treatment activities. Your schedule may include individual therapy, group therapy, recreational therapy, family therapy, and other treatments relevant to your process. For example, nutritional counseling sessions that help you build a positive relationship with food.

Residential treatment is the starting point for clients because it lets you focus 100% on personal healing. Clients in the residential stage of our program live in our primary residential or dual diagnosis homes with gorgeous rooms, fun activities, sophisticated decor, and so much more.

When residential treatment is over, you’ll move to our trusted outpatient program in Los Angeles. Outpatient treatment lets you live at home and tend to other obligations while getting continued therapy and support from Elevation Behavioral Health’s staff. Stepping down to outpatient treatment is essential after an inpatient treatment program because it lets you apply the skills you’ve learned and keep gaining new strategies while living your day-to-day life in a more permanent environment. Your outpatient plan will be unique to you, and you’ll work with staff to create an outpatient treatment plan around the time you’re ready to graduate from residential care. 

Clients who start out in residential treatment come from an array of different areas. Not all of our clients live in Agoura Hills, or in California at all. Our virtual mental health outpatient program is for clients who prefer or require virtual sessions, whether due to convenience, distance, or their work and school schedule. We know how vital continued care is, and we’ll help you make it work for you. 

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What Makes Elevation BH The Best Treatment Center for Borderline Personality Disorder?

It is very possible to overcome the emotional pain that comes with BPD. Here are just some of the traits that make Elevation Behavioral Health the best treatment center for borderline personality disorder and other mental health concerns. 

  • Evidence-based therapies: We use a broad range of therapies and supportive treatments to successfully address mental health concerns. These include but aren’t limited to dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), brain spotting, neurofeedback, mindfulness meditation, and yoga. 
  • Amenities: While living on-site, clients at our borderline personality disorder treatment center get access to fresh and delicious meals, a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor recreation spaces, and a beautiful view. 
  • Dual diagnosis: There is a high prevalence of substance use disorders and additional mental health concerns among people with BPD. Getting dual diagnosis treatment in California at our treatment center can help.  
  • Insurance coverage: We accept health insurance to help clients and their families cover the cost of mental health treatment. Elevation Behavioral Health accepts various preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance plans. 

Please give us a call or contact us online for insurance verification or to book a free tour of Elevation Behavioral Health.

Private Pay Plans & PPO Health Insurance Accepted

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We unfortunately do not accept Medi-Cal, Medicaid, IEHP, or HMO plans at this time.

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Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is marked by intense and often rapid changes in mood, uncertain self-perception or sense of self, instability in interpersonal relationships, and hypersensitivity to real or perceived rejection. About 1.6% of the general population meets the criteria for BPD, but the lifetime prevalence is greater at 5.9%. 

Common symptoms of BPD include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Feelings of emptiness.
  • Attempts to avoid abandonment, whether real or perceived. 
  • Patterns of unstable relationships with romantic partners, friends, and family members. 
  • Impulsive or dangerous behaviors, like reckless driving, unsafe sex, binge eating, substance abuse, or excessive spending.
  • Disportionate anger, intense anger, or difficulty controlling anger. 
  • Extreme moods that can change quickly (within a few hours or a few days). 
  • Repeated thoughts of suicide or threats of harming oneself. 
  • Dissociation. 
  • Self-harm.
  • An unstable, distorted sense of self.

Everyone with BPD has different experiences. One person with BPD might direct symptoms (e.g., anger) toward themselves, whereas others may present with more externalized or “outward” symptoms. Or, one person might have a greater battle with a specific symptom than another person does. 

That’s why we take pride in our individualized treatment plans and close-knit treatment teams. Contact our borderline personality disorder treatment center today to get the high-quality, life-changing care you deserve.

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