What is Pandemic Fatigue?

pandemic fatigue

People are worn out by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I think by now we can all agree we are so over it. A year ago our leaders announced that we all had to do our part for 15 days to stop the spread. Well, that sure didn’t seem to do the trick, and now we are tired after a year of trying. Layoffs, lockdowns, and masks have taken a toll on us. After all this effort, we may just want to throw off the shackles and give up, to return to our old lifestyles. They call this “pandemic fatigue.”

Life has sure looked very different this last year. Things we could have never thought of before ended up changing our lives in major ways. We worked from home, if we were lucky enough to keep our job. Our kids learned via a Zoom classroom. Our social lives were reduced to almost nil. No wonder we are fatigued. We want our lives back.

While there is much hope that the vaccines will do the trick and hasten our return to normal life, we are cautioned not to be hasty. There are still unknown risks, such as new variants, that may set us back. Still, the dark cloud of Covid seems to be lifting at the moment.

As the COVID-19 fear and stress begin to subside, we face the after effects of all this chaos. Now we need to look ahead and start to address our mental health and wellness. It will take time, but over the coming months we will begin to crawl out of the doldrums. With some self-care, and treatment if needed, we can begin to restore our health and wellbeing.

What is Pandemic Fatigue?

We are all feeling the weight of this pandemic. It has been hard on all people around the world for a solid year. People are tired of making the effort to stay safe because they miss their old lives. We just want things to return to normal. At this point we are tempted to throw caution to the wind, but we shouldn’t.

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COVID-19 caused us to have to make major changes to the way we live, behave, work, learn, and relate. Not all of us were able to adjust to the changes, and this has led to some mental health problems. Boredom, loneliness, depression, stress, and anxiety are quite common as a result. Sadly, as much as we want to return to our pre-Covid lives, we need to be patient.

The danger of pandemic fatigue is the risk of sparking new Covid outbreaks. We may let down our guards too soon and live to regret that. While it is easy to see why this fatigue has set in, it is wise to move slowly. If we get so fed up that we drop all our safety measures too early it could end badly.

5 Steps We Can Take to Restore Wellness

Because we may have to live with the virus scare for a while longer, it is not too soon to start working on ourselves. There are plenty of ways to improve wellbeing while we prepare to get beyond this Covid era. Here are 5 things that can help our mental health in the meantime:

  1. Start a fitness plan. Most of us have let our exercise routines slide a bit during the lockdowns. We seemed to move less and less as the months ticked by, which is not good for our health. Start now to improve your fitness level by setting some new goals. Make it a priority to get outside for a walk, a run, a bike ride, or a hike every day.
  2. Reconnect with friends. With lighter rules in place now there is more freedom to get together with people. Make it a top goal to see your best friends and family members, in a safe manner of course. Small outdoor groups are once again allowed, so plan some fun outings with your loved ones.
  3. Plant a garden. With spring upon us, now is the perfect time to plant a garden. Head to your local nursery for some flowers or seeds and create a lovely garden project. Growing plants or veggies is a relaxing pastime that also gets you outdoors in the fresh air.
  4. Set new goals. During the lockdown you may have had time to reflect on your life. Maybe you began to rethink your career path and want to try a new one out this year. Take steps to make your dream come true. Do some research and planning and set yourself some new career goals.
  5. Take a road trip. Nothing breaks up boredom like taking a short trip. With air travel still a little iffy, why not set out for a road trip? Plan to go visit a friend or family member who might live a few hours away. Just getting out of town for a couple days can be very energizing.

When to Reach Out for Help

It could be that the year of COVID-19 has really done a number on your mental health. Maybe all of the above tips just don’t move the needle at all, and you are stuck in a dark place. First, know that you are not alone. Record numbers of people report to having an onset of depression or anxiety during the pandemic. Also know that there is help out there, people who can guide you back to wellness.

If you find yourself distressed, seek out the mental health experts who can offer medical help and therapy. If you are dealing with a mental health issue you need to address it and get treatment. With some caring help and guidance you can restore wellness and get back to living life.

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