Rehab for Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a little over 16 million adults experienced a major depressive episode in the last year in the United States. Directly effecting 6.7% of the population and their loved ones, depression can come in waves or be more persistent. Whether you experience major depressive episodes or persistent depressive disorder, there are depression rehab centers like Elevation that can help. Like many other mental health disorders, depression is treatable with the right care and treatment.

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rehab for depression

Top Quality Care

Elevation Behavioral Health is one of the top rehab centers for depression in the country. Licensed as a mental health facility in the state of California with a JCAHO gold seal accreditation, we offer the latest in treatment modalities for depression. Our dual diagnosis treatment program is for those who are suffering from depression alone, or those who struggle with depression and substance abuse. With years of experience we bring wisdom, compassion, and innovation to our program, making it our goal to offer the very best treatment for depression.

Beautiful Accommodations

Elevation is not just another rehab center for depression. At our beautiful home in the coastal hills of Southern California, you will find comfort and ease. We chose our location carefully, building our community with the intention of providing a healing space. Facing depression isn’t easy, and Elevation strives to provide a safe and serene environment. From the sunny California weather to the luxurious rooms and grounds, Elevation’s rehab for depression is a comfortable place to find recovery. Here at Elevation, your needs will be met from your living space to your meals.

Relaxing and Serene

Our residents spend time in our infinity pool, playing tennis on our lighted tennis courts, watch the stars at night around a bonfire, and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful nature in the hills of Malibu. Located in a private neighborhood, you will have time and space to relax in privacy from the outside world.

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Our Home

Elevation’s beautiful 10,000 square foot home has a formal dining room, a billiards room, marble flooring, a full kitchen stocked with food, and many relaxing spaces to sit and relax. Whether you’re working with your therapist or reading a book at the end of the day, you will find our home the ideal place to heal from the suffering of depression.

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