May 31, 2024

The Role of Family Support in Mental Health Treatment

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Dr. Priya Chaudhri
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Navigating the road to mental health treatment is an intricate process, and having family support can significantly contribute to building resilience, fostering understanding, and promoting profound change. 

It’s crucial to acknowledge the role of family support as a foundational element in mental health treatment.

Continue reading to learn about family support in mental health treatment and what you can do to help your loved one find an improved quality of life.

Mental Health in the United States

Before we delve into the layers of family involvement in mental health care, it is necessary to understand where we are now. A 2021 study indicated that 22.8 percent of adults in the U.S. had a mental illness, which underscores the need for effective treatment modalities. Amidst this, family support emerges not just as beneficial but indispensable.

Family Support in Mental Health Treatment

At the core of every individual’s struggles with mental health lies hope for recovery that is greatly enhanced by those who love them. Family members, deeply connected emotionally with loved ones battling mental illness, take on numerous roles:

  • Advocates: Navigating such a complex system as that of mental health services can be overwhelming for anyone. For this reason, families become strong voices that speak out on behalf of their loved ones, ensuring their rights are met.
  • Caregivers: This means offering psychological and emotional support – a safe haven when everything feels overwhelming.
  • Educators: By familiarizing themselves with their loved one’s condition, members of families play a prominent role in destroying stigmas and creating an environment characterized by acceptance and understanding.

Studies show better treatment outcomes when treatment plans incorporate family support, indicating lesser relapse rates, improved medicine-taking habits or adherence, and stronger safety nets for crises.

Elevation Behavioral Health: Support and Sophistication

Situated within serene surroundings, Elevation Behavioral Health stands as a beacon light for hope and transformation. Our Los Angeles behavioral health treatment center is elegant and luxurious, creating a safe haven for those on their mental health recovery journey. 

Here’s how our family support system plays a crucial role in comprehensive healing:

  • Neurofeedback, mindfulness, and yoga: Families can participate in these therapeutic activities to create bonding through shared experiences.
  • Nutritional counseling and holistic well-being: Through nutritional counseling, families learn the importance of diet in mental health and how to care for their loved ones as they recuperate physically and mentally.
  • Advanced therapeutic modalities: Our repertoire includes EMDR, Brain Spotting, DBT, and CBT along with on-staff psychiatric expertise. Each modality creates unique avenues through which family members can relate and understand their loved one’s journey toward healing.
  • Group and family therapy: These sessions are critical because they provide opportunities for open conversations that help to resolve conflicts or improve communication, thereby strengthening the family unit as a source of support.

Elevation Behavioral Health’s 90-day program has been carefully designed to facilitate an easy transition from residential treatment into outpatient virtual care. This gradual process ensures intense support and involves families in the recovery process, making them active participants instead of mere spectators.

A Roadmap for Family Support in Mental Health Treatment

  • Interactive dialogue: Promote open conversation and involve your loved one in their therapeutic sessions.
  • Seek knowledge: Educate yourselves about mental health to overcome false impressions or prejudice.
  • Celebrate every positive step: Encourage, understand, and support your loved one throughout their path to recovery.

Journey toward Transformation with Elevation Behavioral Health

At Elevation Behavioral Health, we warmly welcome anyone looking for a healing journey that includes family involvement, top-notch medical support, and a hopeful path toward transformation. Our luxury mental health treatment center offers both residential and outpatient treatment options. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health challenges, please reach out. Let’s work together to create a future filled with hope, understanding, and meaningful change.

Our team of experts is here to help you.