tips to manage mental health

5 Proven Ways Of Managing Mental Health

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Helpful Tips to Manage Mental Health According to a report, 19.86% of American adults have a mental illness. Of these, 4.91% suffer from severe mental illness. Unfortunately, over 5.5 million adults experiencing mental illness have no medical…
mind body connection

The Ultimate 12 Principles That Ensure Optimal Mind-Body Balance with Mental Illness

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What is The Mind Body Connection What kind of physical state do you prefer? On a daily basis, how much energy do you wish to produce? Do you feel that a healthy mind begins with a healthy body? You can get your hands on a plethora of programs,…
importance of self-care

The Secret To Managing Stress: Self-Care

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The Importance of Self-Care Stress can cause a lot of serious mental, physical and emotional health issues if not addressed. It can cause premature aging, mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, digestive problems, just to name…
fitness helps improve mental health

7 Ways Fitness Helps Improve Your Mental Health

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Mental health can be referred to as a level of physiological and psychological well being which entails functioning at a satisfactory standard of emotional and behavioral adjustment in society. A good mental health means you’re living a…
Fulfill Your Basic Needs

9 Ways to Fulfill Your Basic Needs

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Why Is It Important To Fulfill Your Basic Needs? If you have ever taken a psychology class you have probably learned at least something about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In case you can’t remember or need a little refresher, here is what…
Holistic Nutrition Education

Holistic Wellness: Nutrition Education

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Good nutrition education is an important factor in addiction recovery. Prolonged drug and alcohol abuse take a major toll on physical health, and getting the body’s systems back to their optimum functioning should be a major consideration…
Holistic Wellness Meditation

Holistic Wellness: Meditation

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Every morning, the clients of Elevation engage in mindful meditation to start out the day with calmness and mental clarity. In recent years, practicing this mindfulness has become a mainstream practice, and for good reason. According to Mayo…