What is the best treatment for someone with bipolar disorder

What is the Best Treatment for Someone with Bipolar Disorder

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You may be struggling with extreme mood swings, but just aren’t sure where to turn for help. When you are first learning about bipolar disorder and the available treatment options, it can feel a bit overwhelming. So, inquiring about, “What…
understanding anxiety

Understanding and Dealing With Anxiety

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Understanding Anxiety Disorders Every human being suffers from anxiety at one point or the other. However, while for most people, anxiety only occurs occasionally and far in between, for others, it is a more regular occurrence. This is usually…
anxiety affecting work performance

Is Your Anxiety Affecting Work Performance?

When anxiety ramps up, it can affect your health, your relationships, and your quality of life. But is your anxiety also affecting work performance? It very well could be. Anxiety symptoms can cause spillover effects, and that can impact…
am i depressed or just sad

Am I Depressed or Just Sad?

How Do I know If I'm Sad or Depressed? Maybe you have never felt so utterly down in the dumps. Still, you wonder, “Am I depressed or just sad?” Read on to learn how to tell the difference. Let’s face it, sometimes we just feel sad.…