Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

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You’ve been gaslit, put down, lied to, and controlled. In short, you were in a relationship with a narcissist, and you are finally free. Recovery from narcissistic abuse is a slow process, but with some patience and self-care, a joyful life…
emotional triggers

How to Identify Emotional Triggers?

All of us have baggage we carry around with us, thanks to life experiences that resulted in disappointment or sorrow. These experiences leave their mark on our psyches and can affect us for years to come. The problem is when we become stuck…
emotional numbness

What Causes Emotional Numbness?

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So you want to feel happy, excited, and joyful again, Each day you wake up hoping to experience those emotions, but instead, all you feel is … nothing. Read on to learn what causes emotional numbness. What Is Emotional Numbness? Emotional…
what is trauma bonding

What is Trauma Bonding?

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When we think of forming a bond with someone, it is usually something positive. In reality, though, not all bonds are healthy. Trauma bonding is an emotional connection that occurs between a victim and his or her abuser. What is Trauma Bonding? When…
emotional effects of hearing loss

Emotional Effects of Hearing Loss

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The Mental and Emotional Effects of Hearing Loss Did you know that loss of hearing can harm your emotions? Studies show that hearing loss can cause psychological distress and subjectiveness in adults. So, loss of hearing does not just impair…
how to stop self destructive behavior

How to Stop Self Destructive Behavior

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Men and women who carry out self destructive behavior demonstrate the habit over and over again without repose. These behaviors include every aspect of life, from work to family to romantic relationships; the list literally goes on forever.…
constant panic attacks

When Constant Panic Attacks Impair Daily Life

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Panic disorder can be a very debilitating condition, to the point where staying in the safety and comfort of one’s home seems like the best solution. But isolating oneself in order to avoid the potential panic attacks only leads to more impairment,…
EMDR Trauma Therapy

What is EMDR Trauma Therapy?

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of therapy that can help individuals overcome the effects of a trauma or other distressing life experiences. When the impact of a traumatic event blocks emotional healing, EMDR can…
severe emotional trauma symptoms

Severe Emotional Trauma Symptoms

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Emotional and Psychological Trauma Each of us has a unique and personal emotional history, a story unlike anyone else’s. Not only is our life experience our very own, but so is our temperament or personality, which influences in a significant…
trauma counseling

Trauma Counseling and Treatment Options

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A traumatic experience can remain deeply troubling for a period of time, impacting daily life and overall wellness. Having witnessed or personally experienced a traumatic event may leave psychological wounds and a heightened sense of emotional…