Group therapy is a cornerstone of all drug treatment programs. Within a group setting, each client develops the essential social and behavioral skills needed to support a new sober lifestyle. While effective, the dynamics of group counseling can at times be tricky to navigate. Understanding the intricacies of group therapy dynamics will help you get […]

Why Is Art Therapy Important? Art has the ability to inspire people and make them see things from a different point of view. Art may involve painting a portrait, writing a story, or playing a piece of music. In all its forms art stimulates the brain. Art also has the power to inspire positive actions […]

Benefits of Yoga For Mental Health Those who have ever taken a yoga class know firsthand the sense of calmness and well-being that follows, and they’ve probably experienced the sensation of lightness in the muscles brought on by long, gentle stretches. The health benefits are well-documented, but its benefits for those in addiction recovery go […]

Anyone who has experienced job burnout knows it is awful, but is burnout a mental illness? According to the newest revisions to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Classification of Diseases, or ICD-11, burnout is new recognized officially as a “syndrome.” This has the condition falling into the realm of mental health concerns without officially […]