adhd paralysis

What is ADHD Paralysis?

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Picture ADHD paralysis like a panel of spinning gears. Each gear is twirling in motion until finally one of the gears jams up, bringing all the other gears to a grinding halt. This is how ADHD paralysis feels. Your mind is reeling, trying to…
emotional triggers

How to Identify Emotional Triggers?

All of us have baggage we carry around with us, thanks to life experiences that resulted in disappointment or sorrow. These experiences leave their mark on our psyches and can affect us for years to come. The problem is when we become stuck…
lying about sobriety

Are You Lying About Your Sobriety?

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One of the eleven signs and symptoms of alcohol use disorder is lying to others about how much you are drinking. Deceit is a very common trait in addiction, but it is also prevalent in recovery. You may be struggling with sobriety, but don’t…
does insurance cover rehab for depression

Does Insurance Cover Rehab for Depression?

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You may have been struggling with depression for quite a while, and have tried to get better. You have gone the psychotherapy/antidepressant route, but nothing seems to relieve the dark cloud of depression. A depression rehab setting may be…

What to Do When You Can’t Work Due to Anxiety and Depression

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It’s easy to take our mental health for granted until the day when we find ourselves struggling with anxiety or depression. Either of these alone can be very disruptive to daily life. But when you experience both together it can cause major…
adhd and tics

ADHD and Tics: Exploring the Link

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If you have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) you may be surprised to notice you also have tics. Tics are repetitive and unintentional movements, such as blinking, coughing, sniffing, or shrugging. Sometimes,…
obsessive thinking

Obsessive Thinking and Anxiety Conditions

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Have you ever found yourself obsessing constantly over something? Like a broken record in your mind, these repetitive thoughts keep you in a never-ending state of stress and worry. What causes obsessive thinking? What is Obsessive Thinking? Obsessive…
emotional manipulation

Are You the Victim of Emotional Manipulation?

If someone has ever whipsawed you emotionally, you know just how upsetting and painful it can be. These types often use guilt trips and gaslighting to get their desired effect, which is to control you. Read on to learn if you are the victim…
depression and procrastination

Is There a Link Between Depression and Procrastination?

It makes sense that when we feel sad and depressed we often lack the motivation to do anything productive. You let things slide that you have no gumption to tackle, in other words, procrastination takes hold. So, are depression and procrastination…
understanding anxiety

Understanding and Dealing With Anxiety

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Understanding Anxiety Disorders Every human being suffers from anxiety at one point or the other. However, while for most people, anxiety only occurs occasionally and far in between, for others, it is a more regular occurrence. This is usually…