Navigating the road to mental health treatment is an intricate process, and having family support can significantly contribute to building resilience, fostering understanding, and promoting profound change.  It’s crucial to acknowledge the role of family support as a foundational element in mental health treatment. Continue reading to learn about family support in mental health treatment […]

Our understanding of mental health is changing, and with this comes a newfound interest in the connection between nutrition and mental health. This often-overlooked connection is the key to opening up many more avenues for therapy. Elevation Behavioral Health is leading this charge by blending luxury care with groundbreaking treatments that address how meaningful food […]

There is a big difference between simply expressing your feelings versus having overwhelming mood swings. Everyone has ups and downs, good moods, and grumpy days. But when mood swings become erratic and extreme, they can become debilitating and even harm your quality of life. So, how do you control mood swings? Thankfully, there are some […]