What is the best treatment for someone with bipolar disorder

What is the Best Treatment for Someone with Bipolar Disorder

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You may be struggling with extreme mood swings, but just aren’t sure where to turn for help. When you are first learning about bipolar disorder and the available treatment options, it can feel a bit overwhelming. So, inquiring about, “What…
bipolar disorder saying hurtful things

Why do People with Bipolar Disorder Say Hurtful Things?

Can Bipolar People Say Hurtful Things If you suffer from bipolar disorder, you already know about the unfortunate tendency to blurt out hurtful, mean comments. This disorder is often difficult to understand, so someone with bipolar saying hurtful…
Psychiatric Solutions

Psychiatric Solutions for Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder happens to be one of the most challenging mental health disorders to live with. From one day to the next, those who struggle with bipolar disorder are never sure which mood state will dominate. Because this mental illness affects…
Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

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You’ve been gaslit, put down, lied to, and controlled. In short, you were in a relationship with a narcissist, and you are finally free. Recovery from narcissistic abuse is a slow process, but with some patience and self-care, a joyful life…
Wellbutrin vs Lexapro

The Difference Between Wellbutrin vs. Lexapro for Depression

If you are struggling with major depressive disorder, you may welcome a medication that will help relieve your suffering. With thirty different antidepressants available, your doctor will prescribe the one he or she believes will offer the best…
how to control mood swings

How to Control Mood Swings

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There is a big difference between simply expressing your feelings versus having overwhelming mood swings. Everyone has ups and downs, good moods, and grumpy days. But when mood swings become erratic and extreme, they can become debilitating…
Bpd rage

How to Handle Borderline Personality Disorder Rage

Borderline personality disorder, or BPD, is a complex mental health disorder. The key features of BPD include impulsivity, low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, and emotional instability. Another characteristic of BPD is inappropriate expressions…
evidence based rehab

What is Evidence-Based Treatment for Addiction?

You’ve decided it is time to get help for a substance use disorder and are considering your treatment options. As you begin researching various treatment programs, you may come upon the term “evidence-based treatment.” So, what is an evidence-based…
low self esteem and addiction

Are Low Self-Esteem and Addiction Linked?

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When our self-esteem is damaged in some way, most likely occurring in childhood, it can impact daily life in many ways. Low self-esteem is linked to such things as low income earning potential, poor health, relationship problems, and substance…
adhd paralysis

What is ADHD Paralysis?

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Picture ADHD paralysis like a panel of spinning gears. Each gear is twirling in motion until finally one of the gears jams up, bringing all the other gears to a grinding halt. This is how ADHD paralysis feels. Your mind is reeling, trying to…