what is a Co-Occurring Disorder

7 Things You Need to Know About Co-Occurring Disorders

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In recent years co-occurring disorders have been gaining more and more attention. Previously referred to as dual diagnosis, a co-occurring disorder is the presence of a mental health disorder along with substance abuse. This condition often…
Dual Diagnosis connection

Dual Diagnosis: The Connection Between Mental Health & Addiction

The National Alliance on Mental Illness defines mental illness as a condition that affects an individual's thoughts, feelings or mood and which may impact the ability to relate to other people.1 Genetics, environment and lifestyle are all factors…
substance abuse and mental health

Substance Abuse and Mental Health: Understanding the Link

When someone suffering from a mental illness is also diagnosed with a substance use disorder, the combination is known as co-occurring disorders or a dual diagnosis. Co-occurring disorders are very common, and understanding the link between…