depression and procrastination

Is There a Link Between Depression and Procrastination?

It makes sense that when we feel sad and depressed we often lack the motivation to do anything productive. You let things slide that you have no gumption to tackle, in other words, procrastination takes hold. So, are depression and procrastination…
emotional numbness

What Causes Emotional Numbness?

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So you want to feel happy, excited, and joyful again, Each day you wake up hoping to experience those emotions, but instead, all you feel is … nothing. Read on to learn what causes emotional numbness. What Is Emotional Numbness? Emotional…
psychotic depression

What is Psychotic Depression?

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Psychotic depression is a subtype of major depressive disorder (MDD) that features impaired perceptions, such as delusions or hallucinations. Read on to learn more about psychotic depression. What is Major Depressive Disorder? Depression is…
employee mental health

8 Ways To Support Mental Health As Staff Return To The Workplace

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What Can Companies Do to Help Employee Mental Health During the pandemic, the prevalence of anxiety across the globe increased by 25%. The pandemic has undoubtedly increased the prevalence of mental health issues. As social animals, human beings…
Depression and Eating

Does Depression Affect the Way You Eat?

The Link Between Depression and Eating Learn about the link between depression and eating habits that seem to evolve along with the mental health disorder. One of the mysteries of depression is the common symptom of having a change in appetite…
Severe Insomnia

Chronic and Severe Insomnia

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What Is Considered Severe Insomnia? When you suffer from severe insomnia your whole life is affected. Learn about how insomnia impairs functioning and how to find relief from this common problem. The quality of sleep you get on a given night…
My life is falling apart

My Life is Falling Apart

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What To Do When My Life Is Falling Apart? Someone struggling with addiction and/or a mental health issue may sadly proclaim, “My Life is Falling Apart.” When someone is suffering from a mental health disorder they may truly feel like…
emotional effects of hearing loss

Emotional Effects of Hearing Loss

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The Mental and Emotional Effects of Hearing Loss Did you know that loss of hearing can harm your emotions? Studies show that hearing loss can cause psychological distress and subjectiveness in adults. So, loss of hearing does not just impair…
mental health challenges

Top 6 Challenges to Mental Health We Face Today

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The past year has taken a toll on the nation’s mental health. The country already had rising rates of anxiety and depression, but the pandemic only added to them. Stress is at all time highs, and many people are grieving the loss of loved…
So depressed can't function

I Am So Depressed Can’t Function At All

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So Depressed I Can't Function Anyone who has ever suffered through a bout of prolonged depression can attest to how depleted it makes you feel. In what seems like an instant, you feel so down that you say I am so depressed I can’t function.…