mental health post lockdown

Key Tips To Handle Mental Health Challenges Post Lockdown

Mental health after lockdown is a vital factor we should be monitoring closely. Though we typically expect the Covid-19 pandemic to impact our physical health significantly, our mental health also suffers considerably for various reasons and…
pandemic fatigue

What is Pandemic Fatigue?

People are worn out by the COVID-19 pandemic. I think by now we can all agree we are so over it. A year ago our leaders announced that we all had to do our part for 15 days to stop the spread. Well, that sure didn’t seem to do the trick,…
alcohol drinking and coronavirus

Skyrocketing Online Purchases of Alcohol and Increased Drinking During Coronavirus

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In the early days of the coronavirus stay-at-home orders, it kind of took on a sense of one big vacation party. People were suddenly thrust into isolation with little time to prepare psychologically—or practically—for the adventure that…
mental health during covid 19

Protecting Mental Health During COVID-19

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As Americans settle into very lengthy stay at home policies enacted across the nation, many might begin to experience some mental health concerns. After all, we are not built to go through weeks or months without our daily freedoms. Losing those…
ocd and coronavirus

5 Tips for OCD and Coronavirus

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For people who struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) the coronavirus is the perfect storm. While many Americans are striving to practice better hand-washing technique and are judiciously wiping down potential virus contamination…