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Mental Health and Disability Discrimination

“Abled does not mean enabled. Disabled does not mean less abled.” ― Khang Kijarro Nguyen In the U.S., the law requires that any employer provides a reasonable level of accommodation to a job applicant or employee with an disability, unless the outcome would cause a significant expense or other difficulty for the employer. The Americans […]


9 Benefits of Art Therapy

Art has the ability to inspire people and make them see things from a different point of view. Art may involve painting a portrait, writing a story or playing a piece of music. In all its forms art stimulates the brain. Art also has the power to inspire positive actions in people’s lives. For those […]

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How to Manage Severe Irritability

You know you are being irrational, but you just can’t seem to control your frustration. So, intense frustration leads to explosive irritability. One thing sets you off and you become so irritated it is like rocket fuel to the moon. What gives? Why is it that some people manage life’s ups and downs so calmly […]