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Our simple admissions process was crafted with the comfort of each individual in mind. From the moment our clients reach out to us, we provide them with a positive and stress-free experience and walk them through the steps to begin their healing at Elevation Behavioral Health.

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Assessment

Our addiction and mental health experts gather general background information from each client to gain an understanding of where they are on their recovery journey. We provide a full verification of medical insurance benefits, answer any questions that may arise and provide high-level insight into our varying treatment programs.

Step 2: Comprehensive Diagnostics Evaluation

To ensure that treatment effectively addresses our clients’ needs, we take the time to learn about each person’s story, struggles and goals. Through a comprehensive diagnostics evaluation, our specialists are able to hand-craft personalized treatment plans that integrate holistic and clinical therapies to best serve each individual.

Step 3: Guided Tours of Our Facility

We offer guided tours of our facility and encourage anyone looking to participate in our program to come see our breathtaking views for themselves. This is often the final step in our admissions process—once our clients make the decision to attend, we work with them to decide which day they’d like to arrive.

Step 4: Welcome to Elevation

Upon arrival, clients will be warmly greeted in our grand entryway and shown up to their rooms, where they’re able to take a moment to themselves to relax before participating in a welcome tour of the grounds. Throughout this process, we will remain available to answer any questions as they arise and ensure that clients are cared for and feel welcomed.

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