Our Team

Sheldon Cohen

Lead therapist at Agoura Outpatient

Sheldon Cohen

My experience involves addressing addiction, personality disorders, mood and anxiety issues, depression, grief, codependency, impulsivity, ADHD, couples, and family matters. I can aid you in recognizing and delving into aspects of your identity, employing EMDR, and uncovering persistent core matters that influence your life.

I am fascinated with internal family systems as I feel this modality helps with understanding how you operate within your emotional world. In developing your awareness of self, it will help you further identify patterns and behaviors.

I feel driven to help others overcome stress and feel full and whole. I want to help you feel as though, “you got this,” and can thoroughly understand yourself and feel confident to implement the tools to manage life experiences. I entered this field because mental health needs to be treated with the utmost respect.