Our Team

Dr. Tracee Williams

Primary therapist at our Mental Health Residential Treatment Center in Agoura Hills, CA

Dr. Tracee Williams

After completing her Bachelors in Biology and Masters in Medical Science (Hampton University), she continued to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Walden University, which fosters social change). Dr. Tracee Felice provides neuropsychological testing and has serviced Veterans with PTSD and other mental health illnesses.

To date, Dr. Tracee Felice was driven by the serene atmosphere of the Psychological Healing Center (PHC) and was guided by Dr. Judy Rosenberg’s Be the Cause Mind Map System to help Heal Human Disconnect and direct a pathway to healing, resiliency, awareness, and self acceptance. Dr. Tracee Felice has been a part of the PHC team for two years and has mastered the Mind Map System.

Dr. Tracee Felice’s expertise helps clients develop a safe therapeutic alliance to detect the wounds of their past, dismantle the chaos, and then provide direction to freedom from symptoms in order to welcome a paradigm shift toward a flow of making positive life decisions, having unconditional love for self, experiencing growth (i.e. redirecting the brain from misconceptions), all while laughing and “living” a clear perception of life.