Our Team

Brian P.

Case Manager

Brian P.

Brian is a dedicated case manager in behavioral health and substance abuse treatment. Beginning with a passion for helping others, Brian’s journey has led him to help others find their path to recovery.

Brian has been in the mental health field for five years and holds a juris doctorate degree and specializes in life coaching, life skills, aftercare planning, and crisis management. One of the most profound things he has learned in his role is the resilience of the human spirit. Witnessing individuals overcome adversity and emerge stronger is truly inspiring to him, reinforcing the importance of empathy, patience, and a client-centered approach.

Outside of his professional role, Brian wears many hats in his own life. Whether it’s being a supportive friend, a loving family member, or pursuing his own interests, balance is key. In his downtime, he is often found snowboarding, enjoying the beach, or going on adventures, as they provide the perfect outlet for relaxation and self-care.