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Ama Reyes

Clinical Administrator

Ama Reyes

Ama Reyes is the Clinical Administrator at Elevation Behavioral Health, dedicated to fostering a warm therapeutic environment for clients, staff, and the community. With over 25 years of experience in social work, she holds a BA in Social Work from Venezuelan Central University and specialized in Education and Human Resource Management at Santa Maria University in Caracas.

Ama’s career began with the Venezuelan Family Department, where she developed community self-sufficient strategies focusing on wellness, health, environment, and mental health disparities. She later pursued a Master’s in Psychology in California, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a focus on Latino families, early childhood psychology, and trauma-informed care. Ama obtained her LMFT license in 2017.

Throughout her career, Ama has emphasized instilling hope and empowerment in her clients, leveraging strengths and resilience to overcome challenges. Her expertise includes EMDR, IFT, EFT, CBT, DBT, and TF-CBT, among other modalities.